John C Freeman

You really have to dig deeper & begin to understand the complete picture. Sometimes it takes faith; evidence of things not yet seen.

About Me


John C Freeman is a self proclaimed “jack of all trades, master of none”, an avid


dreamer climbing Jacob’s ladder, and at times rambler in conversations both written and verbal. Mr. Freeman has always aspired to share his life experiences first hand with others and is no stranger to providing biblical parallels, spiritual advice, and guidance when given the opportunity.


Born and raised in northern Pope County Arkansas, brought up in small town Baptist and Freewill Baptist doctrine, John learned at an early age that although small town churches may at times be resourced strapped, the dedication and support of the clergy and congregation members more than make up for any shortfalls. Today, John along with his wife, Jessica reside in southwestern Pope County where they raise their three special needs children with that same small town deep rooted faith approach.


It takes great insight and perspective to see the Holy Spirit’s guidance in the multi-layered approach we often take part in. Looking for the opportunity and embedded blessing and/or lesson has always been something John has had a knack in finding.




John...a passionate husband & father of 3 boys.

My wife (Jessica) & I have 2 biological sons, Logan & Dylan. Their brother, Gabriel, we adopted as a newborn.

 They all have special needs/disabilities...God's special ABILITIES; insights for us & them as we face the challenges of our individual & collective lives together!!!

 Logan is non-verbal austitic which means he has a communicative neuralogical frustation disorder (he has trouble communicating verbally & gets overstimulated by too much environmental & information processing). Its very comparable to a stress meltdown from someone trying to multi-task & cannot accomplish anything until their redirected to cope with the situational input overload & focus on individual parts of the big picture/multiple tasks or elements.


 Dylan is also diagnosed as "autistic". He is verbal, almost to the point of "terretts" (but w/o the cursing). Dylan also has the full monty of middle child syndrome going on for him. His animated  personality & no-holds-bar obsession with cartoons & animated educational assisted programs such as Thomas the TrainMickey Mouse Clubhouse, Disney-Pixar's Cars, Marvel Comic Super Heroes (ie. Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, etc...), the classic Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs, & many many more.


 Gabriel (Gabe) was born premature & addicted to cocaine. We adopted him through a network of special needs adoption agencies; Grace Adoptions, Heaven Sent Adoptions, & Adopt America. He has down syndrome (trisomy 21) which means he is susceptible to heart disease, dementia, hearing problems and problems with the intestines, eyes, thyroid and skeleton. Currently we have been blessed with only limited hearing, intestinal, eyes, & developmental skeletal issues. He is tracking very well  in progress in all areas outside of his mobility & speech WHICH (update) he is suprisingly making leaps & bounds recently. His "runner-walker" is giving him a new confidence & strength building opportunity in his mobility. He literally RUNS around at school (inside & outside) & at home (up & down the hall; chasing his brothers). This has transferred to a recent development of his ability to stand up himself from a crouched, four-point stance to upright & then in finding his balance take a few steps before the EXCITEMENT overwhelms his balance & he plops back down. He still primarily crawls or scoots, but has started going from a "Forest Gump's Lt. Dan styled scoot" to the more traditional forward leaning and "bear crawl" positions. His speech delays are starting to make progress. Simple one words are starting to show his interest in forming simple sentences; TWO WORD SENTENCES (ie. Noun & verb... Dog stinks).

 Jessica (I saved the best for last; my wife) has been by my side since 1998; dating 2 years before accepting my marriage proposal & taking our vows...that blessed day SOOO MANY YEARS AGO! (Thanks for sticking thru the thick & thin with me & fighting just as hard as was needed alongside, against me, & always for what we ended up in His Understanding determining as "what was best".

 She's the most diversified, skilled woman I've ever known. Crafts, cakes, make-up & cosmotology/hair styling & cutting, cooking, child care, etc... there's not much this woman can't do & do well. Check her amazing talents out on FaceBook @ "The Sweet Escape" or her personal page; Jessica Voss Freeman.