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You really have to dig deeper & begin to understand the complete picture. Sometimes it takes faith; evidence of things not yet seen.

Spiritual Guidance & disclosure

May God bless your time spent reading over this site's material. It has been an on-going endeavor to seek God's understanding & application throughout my life's good & bad times. Even the in-between times have provided me such a deeper understanding of God's unconditional love & how we in our own freewill must develop a personal relationship with Him to fully respect what this life is all about.

 If you read anything that leaves you confused or questioning please contact me, pray & search the scriptures --- seeking the Holy Spirit's discernment & application for your life. 

Phillipians 2: 12 " out your own salvation with fear & trembling"

Your brother-in-Christ,

John C. Freeman

"The good ole Boys" series

Ministering to the "good ole boy" in us all 

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Published* & Pending** Titles

Avg 4x4 Pickup Driving, Country Music Listening Good Ole Boy:

Stockcar Racing Afficinado Good Ole Boy:


Semi-Truck Driving Good Ole Boy:

(**Pending titles subject to change &/or have additional supporting titles; all tied to the common thread of reaching the "good ole boy" in the diversity of the stereotypical genres of the avg country boy, stockcar afficinado country boy, & the trucker country boy using modern day tie-ins to biblical characters' storylines & scripture that helps "the good ole boy" identify with God's word & people on his turf.)



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The Good Ole boys: Paul and the road of damascus

In true to form "Dukes of Hazard" style good ole boy, country living, Paul Planter helps the reader explore what its like loosing direction in one's life and what it takes to find yourself on that RED DIRT ROAD.

Adventuresome car chases, alcoholism, town gossip, & an irreplaceable support group of ole timers help this young-blood, Paul find his way into your heart & soul; ministering to the average, everyday good ole boy in us all. 

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  • The Good Ole Boys: A Country Boy Can Survive
  • If the 1st book, "Paul and the Road of Damascus", was summed up as getting saved; then this book is all about what it takes to "stay saved" & keep from backsliding back into the clutches of one's  former lifestyle. You don't ever stop being a good ole boy, but the changes in how you live your life as a good ole boy does speak volumes to what it takes for a country boy to survive. Friends can be harsh & cruel. Peer pressure and social obligations are things that everyone deals with. You don't have to be an alcholic in AA to know seperating yourself from temptations or the wrong influences may cause some personal discomfort, but in the long run of things....(just like the song says)...A COUNTRY BOY CAN SURVIVE!!!

    Paul deals with financial hardships trying to balance the responsibilities of keeping the family farm afloat, his construction job, the coworker social drinking scene influences, & other things. Bible study and support from J.C. and a good healthy helping slapped on his plate from Momma's good home cooking (advice too) help keep Paul focused in God's purpose for his life. 


     *selected portions of the book...for your preview

    ...Paul’s hand reached across the table, platter in hand as Momma picked off two (biscuits) and laid them open as the steam gently rose into the early morning air. The rooster began to crow even as the sun had yet to peak over the far horizon...


    “How, Lord, am I gonna make this work? How can a good ole country boy survive?”

    Paul shuffled through the late notices and mail piled upon the kitchen table. Momma’s biscuits were fresh and sitting in the middle of the table. Her gravy was still stirring beneath her care. Paul pulled out a chair and sat down to mull over the business he’d come to face. The terms he saw as their only choice.

    Paul stammered, "Momma, I’ve been thinking. Dad wouldn’t want it this way, but he’d understand," . Thinking to himself, Paul pondered "Would Grandad have been able to say it any better, 'I just don’t see any way around it'".

    Paul threw his hands up in the air and  just let it come on out, "We’re going to loose the farm.”

    Momma calmly finished stirring the gravy and turned off the gas burner. She hummed an old melody as she brought the gravy over to the table and sat it down on a tile heat plate.

    “You want some milk, some water,or O.J., son?”

    Sensing Momma's change of subject whenever talking about things seemingly too serious, Paul replied, “Milk, will be fine". But he reserved inside himself that even this tactic wouldn't help. There was an urgency that superceeded the URGENT notification stamped on the past three months mortgage notices.

    A few seconds later Momma returned and sat down to join Paul as he hurriedly fixed his plate.

    Momma slapped at Paul’s outreached hands, “Now let’s not get so far ahead of things that we don’t thank God for what we’ve got.”

    Those few words framed the conversation Paul had been wrestling with over and over in his head. Simply taking the time to do it took a lot of effort too. But Momma was always right. They needed to start right by STOPPING; making time to pray.

    Paul bowed his head and folded his hands, “ God…thank you for your blessings. This food on this table, the roof over our heads, and time with family in which to share it. You gave us everything we’d ever need when your son laid his life down. May our gratitude and service honor the work you began and will finish in our lives. These things we ask, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

    “Amen.”, Momma responded, “Now pass your momma some of those biscuits!”

    Paul’s hand reached across the table, platter in hand as Momma picked off two and laid them open as the steam gently rose into the early morning air. The rooster began to crow even as the sun had yet to peak over the far horizon. Paul offered and lumped on some gravy as Momma nodded and signaled “WHEN”, as to when he’d put enough on for her liking.

    “Son, God works in mysterious ways. I know loosing so much this past year has been tough for both of us. Pops, your trailer, and then Grandad…. Uncle Bob having to go into the nursing home and here we are “with the wolves at the door” over the farm.”

    Paul confided, “I’m going to talk to the bank on Monday. We can’t keep things up by ourselves. The farm’s too much work to try and run right and the prices cattle and crops are bringing these days; we can’t afford to pay for any hired help.”

    Paul cut into his gravy-soaked biscuit and scooped up a spoon full as he mumbled the options he’d been considering.

    Momma listened and nodded. Her thoughts and prayers would review all of what Paul had to say before offering her final say to the matter later that day. Paul had come to face his daily conquest; finding God’s answer to his question; how can a country boy survive?

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  • The Good Ole Boys: David & the Goal-lieth Ahead
  • A well-balanced, modern day rendition of what all men deal with in their lives; whether in the driver's seat or on the pit pit crew or garage of their fellow man. 


    *No previews (yet,'s the synopsis)


    David Carpenter, a good friend of a friend of Paul (from the other series storyline), is the points leader on the neighboring county's dirt track, stock car racing circuit. David's leadership role affords him a self-confidence & favored position (on track) that rivals that of young King David from the bible. In fact, David's career tracks alot like his biblical namesake, so much that when he begins to figuratively & literally spend too much time under a certain married, female racer's hood. He finds himself falling from his favored leadership position & struggling to keep things together.


    Written with every intention of helping "the good ole boy" see the importance of dealing with pride, ego, focus on one's purpose, and the flesh's error traps of lust, adultry, & selfish ambitions. David, along with members of his close-knit, bible fearing community put things back into proper perspective; getting things back on track. A biblical testimony of modern day leaders of all walks of life (you don't have to be the king, pastor, or a deacon for this to apply); testifying to becoming a man after God's own heart even after reconciling with God from a sin so determental as adultry or e en murder.


    Still includes that same "The Good Ole Boys" series style of good clean christian adventure while approaching & dealing with the "tabboo" aspects of what mainstream churches don't like to openly discuss about sin, such as adultry. A well-balanced, modern day rendition of what all men deal with in their lives; whether in the driver's seat or on the pit pit crew or garage of their fellow man.


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    The Good Ole Boys: Tracking the Legacy

    *continuation of the previous title, David & the Goal-lieth, exploring exemplorary characteristic traits of David & his friends whose biblical namesakes share in common. A race themed adventure of what it takes to make it on the dirt track circuit of life living for God.

    (no previews available)


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    The Good Ole Boys: Forerunner for Christ

    *no previews available yet, but here's the main theme


    Written with the modern-day adaptative spirit of similar way that "The Good Ole Boys: Paul and the Road of Damasucs" modeled after "The Dukes of Hazard", this book has its origins in paying tribute to "Smokey and the Bandit" & of course The Bible.

    John the Baptist was the forerunner for Christ and in the same aspects the characters in this book (still to be named) go about their day-to-day trucker lives on the open roads sharing God's message of grace, repentenance, & salvation.


    It's a convoy you don't want to miss out on for sure. Ain't no "Snowman" going to steer you wrong on the radio or in life if you don't mind logging the hours checking it out yourself in the RED LETTER, KJV Bible too. These fellas are "good ole boys" & know their scripture. Running interference and the traps of the "law" are items that rival trucker personalities introduce to add another level of good christian fun and humor that only "The Good Ole Boys" series can do best.


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  • The Good Ole Boys: Keep on Trucking
  • *continuation of the previous title to explore more trucker-to-trucker stories of "keep those big wheels rolling" experiences & testimonies that REAL LIFE truckers have lived & wish to share in how everyone's roles in a trucker's life truly make it a way of life that paves the way for so much we all take for granted. A collection of edification, support, & such from everything & everyone involved; dispatch, the trucker's wife, team drivers, hot shot loads, etc.... 



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